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Forbes House Museum Announces Winners of the 2016 Lincoln Essay & Drawing Contest


The Forbes House Museum is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Lincoln Essay & Drawing Contest. Continuing the tradition started by Mary Bowditch Forbes in 1924, the Forbes House Museum invites students in grades K-8 to participate in the contest, which provides youth an opportunity to express their creativity while cultivating an appreciation of President Lincoln’s life and legacy. The contest is a highly anticipated signature event for the museum, which has received thousands of entries from area students since the re-launch of the annual program.

Enthuses Milton Public School Superintendent Mary Gormley, “The impact that this contest and the Forbes House have had on our students has been powerful in many ways. The students are given the opportunity to feel connected to the historical significance of our community, understand the relevance of Lincoln and his presidency and also display their understanding of these complex issues through both writing and art.”

The essays and drawings were judged by a member review committee comprised of members of the FHM Board of Trustees and Lincoln Committee, along with local educators and Civil War experts. The committee members are: Jeffrey Bernier, Rich Elam, Mary Ellen Geary, Denise Gilardone, Susan Lachevre, Anne Malone, Kenny Richardson, Harry Robinson, Joann Sacco, Pat Suhrcke and Mary Wendell.

An awards ceremony to recognize the contest winners will take place on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 2 p.m. at the Milton Public Library in the Keys Room. All are welcome to attend. Please RSVP at 617.696.1815 or by Friday, April 8, 2016 to confirm attendance for the winning student and her/his family.

The winners are as follows:

Lincoln Drawing Contest:

First Place: Hannah Mattirello, Cunningham School
Second Place: Ella Bowden, Cunningham School
Third Place: Siofra Faherty, Cunningham School

Grade One:
First Place: Bosa Mwosa, Cunningham School
Second Place: Lila Asanza, Cunningham School
Third Place: Esme Neugebauer, Collicot School

Grade Two:
First Place: Reagan Vaughan, Collicot School
Second Place: Taya Miller, Cunningham School
Third Place: Mary Lovett, Cunningham School

Grade Three:
First Place: Sydney Wilmot, Collicot School
Second Place: Sophia McFadden, Cunningham School
Third Place: Maggie Mullen, Collicot School

Grade Four:
First Place: Lucy Asanza, Cunningham School
Second Place: Tanner Sutherland, Glover School
Third Place: Grace Analetto, Cunningham School

Grade Five:
First Place: Ana Fonseca, St. Mary of the Hills School
Second Place: Julian Seale, St. Mary of the Hills School
Third Place: Katie O’Toole, Cunningham School

Lincoln Essay Contest:

Grade Six:
First Place: Alison Blake. Milton Academy
Second Place: Justin Pham, St. Agatha School
Third Place: Maggie Smith, St. Agatha School

Grade Seven:
First Place: Samantha Ford, St. Agatha School
Second Place: Samiran Moody, St. Agatha School
Third Place: Caroline Egan, St. Agatha School

Grade Eight:
First Place: Margaret Farrell, St. Agatha School
Second Place: Eimear McGowan, St. Agatha School
Third Place: Jacqueline White, St. Agatha School

For more details about the Lincoln Essay & Drawing Contest, click here.

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